Monday, June 20, 2016

Audio: Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Politico; Obama 
ID Fraud Investigation Isn’t Over By A Long Shot

Sheriff Joe Arpaio did a lengthy Off Message interview with Politico. Sheriff Arpaio's Obama birth certificate and Selective Service card investigation came up. The interview was recorded on 6/14/2016 and published today.

Sheriff Arpaio went off on the media over Obama's fake birth certificate and their continued cover-up of the issue.

( Video )

Full Arpaio interview starts around 6:00 min. mark and birther issue at around 14:00 mark & 1:10:50 mark:

Excerpt via print piece at Politico:

Oh, and he expended millions in county resources to fruitlessly pursue Barack Obama’s “fake” birth certificate (a crusade he insists isn’t over by a long shot). That’s what got him his first give-‘em-hell letter from part-time birther Trump. “That's not dead as far as I'm concerned,” he told me. [...] Politico.