Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Video: Fox News' Megyn Kelly; Historic Moment That 
Billionaire Birther Donald Trump Is Presumptive Nominee

Donald Trump trumps Canadian-born Ted Cruz in tonight's Indiana primary. Canadian-born Cruz drops out of the race.

Fox News' Megyn Kelly statement: "It is a historic moment. It's something the GOP has never seen before. Even the two party system. An outsider. A billionaire. Someone who had poked the sitting pResident of the United States, for months, about whether he was in fact born in this country, emerges seemingly out of nowhere to capture an incredibly powerful position and now face off with Hillary Clinton one-on-one for the keys to the Oval Office."

( Video via Fox News )

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret) statement: "A Victory for the Constitution and We the People! Foreign-Born, Cuban-Citizen at Birth via His Father, Ted Cruz the Constitutionally Ineligible Candidate, Capitulates. We the People Sent a Message. Only a Natural Born Citizen, a Person Born in the USA to Parents Who Are Both Citizens When Their Child is Born, is Constitutionally Eligible to be President and Commander in Chief, or VP. And We Will Continue to Let That Be Known! Message to the GOP, RNC, and the Major Media – Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, and/or Nikki Haley are NOT Constitutionally Eligible to be the VP. See the Last Sentence of the 12th Amendment."