Friday, February 5, 2016

Must See TV: Canadian-Born Cruz Dodges Question About 
His Canadian Citizenship; Better A Canadian Than A Kenyan

Canadian-born Cruz was confronted as to why he was unaware he held Canadian citizenship until recently.

The man told Canadian-born Cruz the question was not about his eligibility but about his credibility.

The question:

"Can you please explain to me, why and how you were unaware you were a Canadian citizen? This isn’t a question about your eligibility, it’s about your credibility."

Canadian-born Cruz went on to try and explain how he was eligible due to his mother's purported U.S. citizenship.

The man fired back that the question was not about that. Canadian-born Cruz then ended the exchange.

Another person in the audience yelled, Better a Canadian than a Kenyan...

( Video via Josh Youssef. )


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