Sunday, February 7, 2016

Memo: Elections & Citizenship Procedure; American News 
Media Ignores Ineligible Presidential Candidates Documents

Retired Navy Commander Charles Kerchner reports:

Memo – Canadian Elections and Citizenship Procedure and Resources – NOT FOR LEGAL ADVICE | by Anonymous

Read, download, and/or print a copy here:

My comment:  What more information is Ted Cruz and his parents not releasing and keeping secret in Calgary, Canada?  Where are certified copies of Ted Cruz’s father’s Canadian naturalization papers? Exactly what date did Ted’s father become a Canadian citizen? Time for more investigative reporters to go up there and really start digging.

Another Question – Was Ted Cruz also born a Cuban citizen?  Why is no one asking about Ted also possibly inheriting Cuban citizenship from his father via Cuban statutory or constitutional laws in the same manner he inherited simple, basic U.S. Citizenship via U.S. statutory naturalization at birth acts/laws via his mother?  Why has no one asked Ted questions about his probable inherited Cuban citizenship at birth?

Suggested question for Ted: When were you aware you were born a Cuban citizen via your father being a native born Cuban citizen and when did you renounce your Cuban citizenship?

Ted Cruz, if you were born an American citizen via your American born mother than you were also born a Cuban citizen via your Cuban born father.  Please explain that.

Of how many countries was Ted Cruz a Citizen of and Owed Allegiance to when he was born?  What would the founders of our nation who warred with Canada and the framers of our U.S. Constitution think of all this and the unanswered questions about a person born with foreign allegiance(s) who wants to be Commander in Chief of our military forces? — CDR Kerchner (Ret) –