Wednesday, February 3, 2016

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Audio: Gary Vs. Radio Broadcaster; Article II 
Natural Born Citizen; News Media Blackout Ongoing 


Talk Show host invites calls and then goes into full blackout mode when caller tries to explain why Ted Cruz is ineligible to be POTUS.

While the media blackout continues over the largest story in American history, the ongoing investigation into Barack Hussein Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate as well as his Selective Service registration, both of which it have been deemed forgeries by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Investigation, it continues to be business as usual with the talking heads in the media who wish to perpetuate the deceit and fraud by covering for the constitutionally ineligible Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Consider this exchange with Gary Wilmott of Give Us Liberty 1776 who called in to KABC’s Peter Tilden Show yesterday to discuss Ted Cruz and his ineligibility. This is an example of how the media continue to control the message and will not allow a dialogue.  Hence the vast majority of Americans continue to be ridiculed or fed lies, falsehoods and propaganda on this issue.

Consider also that Cruz waterboy, Mark Levin, has recently challenged experts and scholars to debate him on air re: Cruz eligibility. I know that Attorney Mario Apuzzo and retired Navy Commander Charles Kerchner have offered to appear on the show. Has that happened? Of course not. Levin is all bluster…he knows full well his position flies in the face of the Constitution and the intent of the Framers. Cruz obviously is Levin's  candidate of choice and by golly he’s going to make him eligible – American voters be damned! And of course his 11 million sycophants hang on his every word as the gospel.

Join Gary Wilmott next Wednesday on WOBC radio for more discussion on the Cruz & Rubio eligibility issues. Details forthcoming. WOBC will be rolling out plans to get a national petition circulated to demand the bona fides of Ted Cruz including his CRBA, N-600, naturalization, passport records, selective service registration and college applications. It is imperative that the American voters know precisely who the candidates are. Privacy issues be damned…Ted Cruz will not be allowed to pull an Obama.

( Audio via 790 KABC )