Monday, February 29, 2016

Fox News Video: Judge Andrew Napolitano Lies 
About Article II Natural Born Citizen Requirement

Judge Andrew Napolitano was on Fox NewsThe Kelly File tonight to 'discuss' the Article II "natural born Citizen" issue. Napolitano erroneously claimed the Naturalization Act of 1790 makes someone like Canadian-born Cruz, born to one U.S. citizen parent, a natural born Citizen and eligible to be POTUS.

The "Judge" failed to mention the NATURALIZATION Act of 1790 became inoperable when the NATURALIZATION Act of 1795 was enacted. Some of America's Founding Fathers including George Washington removed the term "natural born Citizen" from the Act and replaced it with "citizens of the United States."      More on this later...

( Video via Fox News )

Fox News and Napolitano also failed to mention Cuban citizen Marco Rubio also has a court date for ineligibility...