Monday, February 29, 2016

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Certified Mail: Attorney Mario Apuzzo Accepted Mark 
Levin Challenge To Debate Article II Natural Born Citizen

Via Gary Wilmott of Give Us Liberty 1776:

 On January 6, 2016 Mark Levin said the following ON AIR:

"I’ m prepared to debate any so-called legal scholar, professor, serious commentator or candidate on this particular issue on the air. More than happy to do it. You see it’s not just the matter of just an opinion. You have to understand the Constitution, have to understand the nature of construction, you have to understand a little bit of American history. So that makes things complicated for liberals and knee-jerkers.  But I’m more than happy to debate this issue with anybody who says that an American citizen born of an American citizen mother wherever that citizen is born is not eligible as a natural citizen as a naturalized citizen to run for POTUS. 
There is absolutely no authority for that. 
I’m putting out a challenge right now on this program."

Mario Apuzzo has issued the challenge. I was asked to draft a letter on his behalf.

See letter attached. Sent today via certified mail.

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