Monday, January 11, 2016

Senator Rand Paul: It Is Up To Supreme Court If 
'Natural-Born Canadian' Ted Cruz Can Be President

Senator Rand Paul told Fox News that it's up to the Supreme Court of the United States to decide if natural-born Canadian Ted Cruz can be president of the United States.
Paul questioned how a natural-born Canadian citizen can be an American natural born Citizen.

Excerpt via CNN: [ Hat tip CDR Kerchner (Ret) ]

Sen. Ted Cruz's citizenship status could end up before the Supreme Court, Sen. Rand Paul said Monday, because it's still undecided if he qualifies as a "natural-born" American. 
The Kentucky Republican hit his colleague and fellow presidential candidate on Fox News on Monday for being born in Canada and perhaps not fitting the constitutional requirement that a President be a natural-born citizen. 
"Cruz is a natural-born Canadian," Paul said. "He was naturally born there. The question is, can you be natural-born Canadian and natural-born American at the same time? Maybe, but I think the courts will have to decide it, because it's never really been decided." [...] CNN.