Monday, January 18, 2016

- Image: Chomi Prag, Esq. -
Attorney And GOP Candidate Files Official Objection 
With NH Over Canadian-Born Cruz Article II Ineligibility

Received via BR email:

CRUZ, Ted - Objection to Mr. Cruz appearing on the ballot for President of the USA.

Fellow Republican Candidate files official objection with New Hampshire Secretary of State and New Hampshire Attorney General over Canadian born Cruz.


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Published at Attorney Chomi Prag's Law Office Facebook page:

The Republican Party invites Mr. Ted Cruz to major media/ debates to give him HELP with his campaign for Presidency when he doesn't qualify to be President of the USA under the US Constitution.

1. He was BORN in Canada, a natural born citizen of CANADA.

2. He may still have CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP.

3. His FATHER was NOT a US Citizen at the time of his birth.

4. There are reports that his MOTHER RENOUNCED her American Citizenship BEFORE he was born in CANADA. Even if his mother didn't, that doesn't make CRUZ ELIGIBLE to be President of the USA according to the CONSTITUTION that he is going to "preserve, protect and defend". A hardy har har.

5. Mr. Cruz was not a citizen of the US in 1787, the time of the ADOPTION of the US CONSTITUTION. Although there are some photos where he DOES look 229 years old we highly doubt he was a US Citizen at the time the Constitution was ADOPTED.

WHO CARES if he has DUAL CITIZENSHIP OR RENOUNCES his Canadian citizenship...both these points make him INELIGIBLE to be President of the USA. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE that no other candidate running for Presidency, as far as we know, except, ME has officially challenged this VERY IMPORTANT ISSUE.

Because I AM THE ONLY ONE that will "preserve, protect and defend" the US Constitution as the US Constitution REQUIRES. Not Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton, not the old man of the mountain, not the tokens, not the other goofballs either.

That's why the MAJOR CORPORATIONS support these other candidates. They are the USA and the LAWS do NOT apply to them.

Mr. Cruz...LOTS of money from BIG COMPANIES and doesn't tell anyone. WHY? Because a million dollar donation, "loan", is just so piddly that he forget all about it.