Monday, December 21, 2015

Winning: Both Left And Right Attack Presidential 
Candidate Donald Trump Over Obama Birther Issue

I wonder how much more the establishment can take before their heads literally explode. The last card used to be the race card now they've upgraded their card to the birther card. Unfortunately for them that will fail too.

Excerpt via the Left:

President Obama is payback the nation’s biggest birther turned Republican frontrunner by becoming the Trump killer in chief. 
One can’t help but sense that President Obama is getting a tiny bit of payback on Trump for his racist birtherism, but mostly Obama sees the ugly threat that Trump is presenting and is fighting back. [...] Politicus USA.

I wonder what the reaction would be if someone on the right coined Trump as the, Obama killer in chief?

Excerpt via the Right:

I’ve been trying to think of something – anything, actually – that Donald Trump could say that would cause his most faithful supporters to dump him. Something they would find so offensive that would get them to end their torrid love affair with him. And I finally came up with one possibility. 
If at one of his massive rallies, Trump raised his hands asking for silence from the crowd, and said, “I believe Barack Obama is an American. I believe he was born in Hawaii. I believe his birth certificate is real. I further believe he is a Christian and therefore is not a Muslim,” that would do him in. But that’s the only thing that would do him in. And since that’s not going to happen … 
There is nothing in the real world that would make his most passionate backers turn on him.                           [...] Bernard Goldberg.

Poor Bernie Goldberg. He sounds like the depressed Jonah Goldberg...