Thursday, December 3, 2015

Listen Live: Freedom Friday's Carl Gallups Talks 
Universe Shattering Info In Obama Fraud Case

Carl Gallups will be discussing the universe shattering information related to Sheriff Arpaio's Obama ID Fraud case.

Announcement excerpt via PPSIMMONS:

Here are the statements from Zullo and the facts of the case. You decide. 
Carl will be addressing the information below on an upcoming segment of Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups (Dec. 4, 2015)  Listen live at (upper right hand corner) or HERE.   You will be able to get a podcast of the show on the following Saturday HERE.

Mike Zullo on 2014 Freedom Friday With Carl Gallups' radio program
. In this program you will hear the very first time that Zullo uses the term "UNIVERSE SHATTERING" information that he has on the Obama Fraud Investigation. This is what Carl then reported for the next several months until Zullo made it clear that a "press conference" would be delayed because of mounting legal hurdles.

Now...if you have been keeping up with PNN News, especially at our Facebook page, you have seen what one of the huge hurdles was. Arpaio and Zullo are now tied up in Federal Court in Arizona and Zullo's confidential informant Dennis Montgomery has been revealed and tape recordings of investigation conversations are being put into public record. [...]
( Video via  PPSIMMONS )

Freedom Friday Airs Live (12/4) Starting At 5:00 PM ET