Friday, November 27, 2015

Washington Post: How Trump Courted Birthers To 
Conquer GOP; Obama's Forged Birth Certificates!?

Lot's of hit pieces against Donald Trump out there right now.

According to WaPo Trump conquered the GOP by courting the right-wing fringe(birthers).

Never mind the birther issue crosses party lines and polling numbers suggest the issue is not fringe.

Excerpt via senior political writer for Buzzfeed, McKay Coppins, @ Washington Post:

Early one evening in January 2014, I sat in a darkened den with walnut-paneled walls and baroque furniture, trying desperately to get Donald Trump to stop telling me about his Barack Obama conspiracy theories. “And to this day,” my billionaire host bellowed, “we haven’t seen those records!” 
Our interview had started out fine, but now Trump kept veering off on long, excited tangents about forged birth certificates and presidential coverups. No matter what questions I asked, I couldn’t get him off the subject. “We have seen a book of [Obama’s] as a young man that said he was from Kenya, okay?” Trump said, connecting the dots for me like a crazy uncle who has cornered his nephew at Thanksgiving dinner. “The publisher of the book said at first, ‘Well, that’s what he told us.’ But then they said, ‘No, that was a typographical error.’ . . . I have a whole theory on it, and I’m pretty sure it was right.” 
Trump’s effort to expose Obama as a fraudulent foreigner had routinely hijacked national news cycles and riled up right-wing voters in 2012, turning him into a political celebrity courted by top Republican presidential candidates. [...] Washington Post.

Media butthurt!