Friday, November 6, 2015

Shock: Barack Obama Foundation Seeks Help To 
Tell Obama’s Story; They Need Obama Artifacts

Give Us Liberty: The Obama Foundation is looking for people to share stories about Obama's life story. They want photos and artifacts that will help tell the story about his life for their museum and presidential center. You know what to send them! What an opportunity to besiege them with the truth about this fraud in the white house. Question: Will the CIA contribute and fill in the blanks?

Exact text via Obama Foundation:

Help tell President Obama’s story 
Over the next few years, the Foundation will collect and catalog artifacts that memorialize President Obama's historic campaigns and presidency. Some of these items will be included in exhibitions that can be viewed by all at the Presidential Museum and online. 
If you have a photo, story, or physical object you'd like to donate to the Museum, please use the form below to submit your artifact for consideration. [.] Obama Foundation.

Submit Obama artifacts here.