Monday, November 16, 2015

Revealed: Audio Recordings Of Sheriff Arpaio's 
Informants And Lead Investigator Mike Zullo

Phoenix New Times published audio recordings entered as evidence in Sheriff Arpaio's civil-contempt proceedings.

The audio recordings contain conversations with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, MCSO CCP Commander Mike Zullo, MCSO Detective Brian Mackiewicz, MCSO informant Dennis Montgomery, Tim Blixseth and his lawyer Mike Flynn.

The first recording contains the discussion about Brennan/Obama altering/forging Obama's birth certificate:

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Partial transcript for part one via guest:

9:43 Arpaio: "Always remember the McCain connection."

10:07 "So, about three or four months ago this guy is showing me 900 million phone calls, and I see myself in there, I see people I know, I mean I see Donald Trump in there a zillion times, and Bloomberg's in there.." Arpaio: "Am I in there?" " We're looking for you right now."

Partial transcript for part two via guest:

18:15 "It's in a PDF, you know who that guy is? That's the head of the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court they hacked into." Arpaio chuckles. "Reggie Walton" "Get the he!! out of here". "He's the head of the FISA court. And John Roberts, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was hacked."

19:13 "You got all these victims in the county..." Arpaio: I don't want to call in our computer crimes and all this sh!t. I want to keep this very quiet, so keep this sh!t...this is top secret.." 10-4 Arpaio: "Or you end up with a bullet in your brains." "Who did they kill?" "Some guy that did the birth certificate." Arpaio: "Birth certificate." "You know who they killed, some guy that did the birth certificate." "The guy, he was subpoenaed, the night before he was supposed to go before congress and talk about the birth certificate, they killed him." Arpaio: "When did this happen?"

19:57 "They said it was a random street killing."

23:52 "I think it's definitely .. it's a lot easier than the birth certificate."

23:56 "The problem with the birth certificate always was, no one will ever take a look at that."

24:02 "No, I agree with you, but as far as I was investigating it, I would never tie..." Arpaio: You think anybody's ever going to look at this, it'll be fifty years before the Fed's get at this."

25:15 "Sheriff, my idea, talking to Mike on this when I called was, it does tie into the birth certificate." "It does, but ... "

25:25 Arpaio: "We came up with this through the birth certificate investigation, right? That's how it came in. ...We didn't just make this up now."

25:47 "I would approach it with, this has nothing to do with the birth certificate investigation at all. It has to do with citizens.." "A hundred and fifty thousand people that got their identity stolen in Maricopa County."

25:54 Arpaio: "But we came up with it through the birth certificate.... nothing to do with...." "But the investigation part, this is nothing... as far as I'm concerned ...."

26:11 Arpaio: "I'm talking about other things. This may stimulate the birth certificate thing which we say they won't touch. You get the point? Let's call Carter." "Is this a secured phone?"

26:25 "Put in a call, Carl Cameron, from Fox."

26:36 Phone ringing....

 26:51 "...if you get this on video and it vapor locks ...all these Fox... Now if you did it and this guy drops dead, aren't we done anyway?" Phone ringing "As far as the prosecution goes...if he drops dead..."

27:02 "Hi, it's Carl, you can leave a message or text ...." "...doesn't want to get prosecuted for doing this here..." Please record your message, when you finish recording, you may hang up. Or press 1 for more options. To leave a call back number...

27:18 "Shhh. Hey Carl its Tim, I'm here with Sheriff Arpaio". Arpaio: "Hi Tim, my favorite station...Hey Carl, I was thinking of Hannity...Fox. This is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I know you never heard of me, but I'm here in Phoenix, talking to Tim. "All right, so I'll be trying to call you. Hit me with an email if you get off a phone call or something."

27:43 "We are kind of coordinating things, talking about the county here, and when your story is going to break, and all that stuff, thanks, Carl.

27:49 Arpaio: "So, maybe this may generate some interest with congress and all that. This thing..." "Well, Trump's name is all over this, right?" " a double agent.." "But, we got John Roberts, the chief justice of United States was hacked, got the FISA court hacked."

28:10 "As you say hacked, his information was.. his information was obtained through illegal means, realistically, if they didn't give him permission." "Let me tell you what, I've read the Patriot Act front and back the last 2 months. The Patriot Act says specifically that the United States of America waives sovereign immunity if these kind of records are taken without a court order...Spells it out, a hundred... FISA court.. they never went to FISA for 900 million phone calls."

28:47 Arpaio: "Tim, he will try to pump you, see how much you are worth, but ..... all I want to know is, do you have like 20,000 that you could spare to hire a lawyer that help you and help us? Do you know any lawyers?...But, does he know this sh!t? ... some advice from lawyers..."

29:17 Arpaio: "So everybody stays out of trouble?" "Well, they are gonna ...they'll probably try to..." "They can't go to any lawyers..." "They will probably try to indcit me."

29:24 "Indict you for what?" 

29:25 "Aiding and abetting the national security ..they will try all kinds of horse sh!t. I don't care." 

29:40 "Now, uh, let me just share..this is a secure phone... let me just share something that Montgomery dropped a bomb on me 2 days ago, and Carl. It's like holy sh!t. I wish he hadn't told me this."

29:42 "So, he's telling me the last year all about these bank records that they illegal hacked into, and all the credit cards and all these phone calls. And I always felt there was something else. There was some reason that the CIA...and Carlotta Wells was head of the Civil Division of the DOJ."

30:10 Arpaio: "She ran...or I think she was involved in our DOJ investigation."

30:14 "Sure she was. Then she divorced herself and the other guy is now ..the department."

30:19 "There was 2 of them." Arpaio: "She started this sh!t." " Carlotta Wells and Rafael Gomez." Arpaio: "Carlotta was my gal for awhile." "Let me tell you something, Carlotta Wells knows about this, she was part of this sh!t. She knows what they did. That's why they have her shadowing Montgomery.

30:30 So, anyway, uh, so 2 days ago I said to Montgomery, I said, Dennis, you told me everything, you told Fox News everything?.....and he said, No..." "Of course." "I said well, tell me what it is you haven't told me. He said, you really want to know? I said, yeah I do. But, don't show me. You can tell me, you can give me a lie, so I'm not complicit with breaking some law. Carl Cameron says, no f*** it, send it to me at Fox. He said we were willing to take on the 1st amendment battle with the administration. So he sends it to Fox, and then he tells me, Montgomery tells me, I go oh, je*** ch****, this is what they have been hiding." cont.

31:32 "While he was at Fort Washington, Maryland ..." "The undercover Naval Yard?" "Yeah, at Riverview Drive, they hacked into every embassy of a foreign country in the United States." "And we have had smoke on that, that's come out." "That's smoke, but nobody's had their ... something called cryptokeys, and a cryptokey is how that ambassador communicates with his country. Their cryptokeys are in there, their bank records are in there. Can you imagine the international sh!t-storm that would happen? People talk about it, we all read it in novels, but nobody said, hey, uh, like the President of Mexico is so pi**ed off right now, cause it came out a month ago, that they were getting information on him." cont.

32:24 Can you imagine the ... how many embassies, I bet there'd be,,, Carl thinks there might be 10 - 50 embassies, say we are out of this country, destroyed."

32:33 "Tim, does Carl have.... he's got those cryptokeys?" "Yeah, Carl doesn't know if he is going to break that part of the story because he says, I'm not sure that it...he says, it could really hurt America."

32:46 "Well, let me ask you, what's the relationship between him and his wife... him and your wife, because they were partners, right?" "They were partners until June of '12." "Okay. And what..why did that partnership break-up?" And, what is your... What does your wife think is going on right now? Because, obviously....You don't talk to her at all, then? She part of this stuff?"

33:07 " Uh-huh, she knows." ...was her company... "Now, if you guys, you don't remember the sheriff, but I'll just bring him back up, I may not have told you when I was here last. When they... when Montgomery was hacking into my lawyer's and my emails, to help her during the divorce..." Arpaio: "'Cause he was on the other side?" "On the other side. He hacked into Eric Holder and Lanny Brewer's emails. Because my ex-wife.... I went to the Feds about 3 years ago because my ex-wife really tried to screw me over, and they got a grand-jury, a 2 year investigation with the IRS, the FBI. They got a grand-jury. They get a target letter... they say, Lady you could be chared under the USC this-this-this."

33:55 "And Brian O'Neil was the secret service lead investigator - good guy. I talked to him 35 times. We supplied evidence to him. He calls me and he goes, It's over. I said, what the he!! you talking about? He said, Washington, DC just cancelled the grand-jury, and pulled the plug on this case. After serving the target letter on her. I said, sh!t, that's got to be Lanny Brewer, 'cause Lanny Brewer is tied in with my ex-wife, in that group. Well, Montgomery had hacked into Brewer's emails, and it says... I almost brought it... it says this is going to Ron Berkel, and Ron Berkel is a big Safeway guy, multi-billionaire, he's the biggest democratric bundler in the United States. He was Hillary Clinton's campaign manager in California. He's on that team."

34:56 So, Berkel and my ex-wife are in business, and having an indictment of my ex-wife a year and a half ago would not have been good for that business. They could have lost a couple of hundred million bucks. So, the letter says Berkel sends an email to Brewer while Brewer's head of criminal division, and says this thing with Blix is getting out of hand, investigation, and Lanny answers back, the investigation is gonna go nowhere, I have talked to Eric about this, Holder, and anything will be killed before it gets legs. Lanny P.S. we have talked to the judge."

35:42 So, Brewer is gone back to, to uh, Covington, but he is not forgotten in my .... I got my eye on that son-of-a-b**** and also of Holder. At some point in time, when this guy gets immunity, he is gonna cough up all of the Eric Holder and the Lanny Brewer emails."

36:04 "The problem is, uh, I don't ever see that happening. I don't see anyone in the United States giving him immunity as long as this administration is here." "We don't need the administration to approve it, we don't want Federal immunity for him. If it's with the city dog-catcher, as long as there is one form of immunity..."

36:25 "But, the problem is, okay we give him immunity here, and I have never heard of that being done, all's the Feds are going to do is indict him, and then extradite him out of the county custody into the Federal custody.

36:37 "With the lawyers...big-time lawyers that are working, and they are working free on this, say because of the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine in our legal system, as I explained earlier, that's almost impossible that the Feds can prove the case because if they got immunity, that's why he coughed up the information. So, whether they are right, whether they are wrong, I'm not a lawyer, I don't know."

37:04 Arpaio: "So, on the extreme.... Say, for example, that you wrote me a letter with a whole bunch... all this sh!t, and then I would have to decide to do with that information..." "Yeah.."

37:08 Arpaio: "I would have to decide do I give it to the FBI, do I give it to the Feds, do I look into it myself? Is there more Federal involvement than anything else? Who, who... stupid question, but you need to give me a stupid answer, …who…?” “It’s easy for me to do.” Arpaio: “Who would I write to, to forward this information on if we didn’t want to do it? Who do I write to?”

37:40 “Well, A, if I wrote you the letter, it’s about citizens in your county…” Arpaio “Or if we looked into it and then we came up with the evidence, and we can’t get anything done local or state, the other alternative would be the Fed?” “It’s like the fox in the hen-house “ Arpaio “Who do I write to?” “It’s like the fox in the hen-house “

37:55 Arpaio: “OK, but who would you suggest that I write to?“ ”Eric Holder?” Arpaio: “Attorney General? The new FBI Director? “The new FBI Director"” John McCain?’ Arpaio: “Ah, come on.” “You said ask me a stupid…” Arpaio: “ McCain? Are you kidding me, he hates my a** and he’s behind all this sh!t… come on.”

38:20 “I’m just…you asked for suggestions. Can I ask a question?…..he’s looking for immunity, he’s gonna give himself up… Arpaio: I mean John McCain is not going to…” “What the he!! kind of immunity could you give?” …. “Yeah, whatever he says to Fox is gonna…” “He can say whatever he wants to Fox…”

38:38 Arpaio: “….he’s the one who bad-mouthed me on the birth certificate…” “There’s no investigation …so basically there is no reason to give immunity for anything…” “Right, he is just going to run his mouth…” “But the problem is, what he is going to want with it…” “Is the guy a liberal?”

38:53 “When you get involved in a criminal investigation, he gives us evidence to go ahead and prosecute somebody else.” “Right” “What they’re going to say is he stole the information.” “Cause that’s their defense, hey, you know what this guy, we had a legitimate CIA contract with us but we had absolutely no idea he was doing this. The only thing that is going to save him is the emails going back and forth and whatever…” “He thinks we can corroborate those statements with…”

39:30 “We got 50 or 100 emails that lay out with the government CIA agents the data mining, data harvesting, lays it out. And see, that’s where some attorney is going to have to come in and say, OK, well, you provide us that information for us to be able to go ahead and investigate this, even though that might have been a violation of the contract he had with the CIA…”

39:56 “Right” “Then that’s where, that’s where he is gonna get caught in a jam, because we’re gonna need the information, as far as our criminal investigations go, and that’s where he’s thinking immunity, because as soon as he gives that up, then that’s when the Feds are going to want to jam him, stick it up his a**.”

40:15 “You see, I went to Darrell Issa. You know Darrell Issa?”
“No, I don’t.”
Arpaio: “From California? He’s the chairman of sh!t…”
“He’s the chairman of the Ways & Means ….

40:18 Arpaio: He hasn’t done sh!t with my birth certificate.
“So, I went to Issa, and I said Darrell, I gave him a little bit of the flavor of this. He said, look the best immunity the guy can get is going public….”

40:30 “He can’t…and I agree with that wholeheartedly because I think as long as Fox, as long as … has it, I mean, it’s one of those things I mean… You saw what happened, OK, even with the Snowden thing. Small potatoes, did you see how many people came to his aid and said, you know what ….
“Well, the other thing that I’m thinking…right

40:50 “I’m thinking with this guy. He’s worried about immunity, but he’s got a very short life span left on this earth, so prosecuting him could…”
Arpaio: “He’s pi**ed-off….”

40:57 “Right, but…”

41:04 “Hey, Carl, hey, it’s Tim.”
”Hi Tim, how are you?”
“I’m with Sheriff Joe”
“….pi**ed off, that f***ing birth certificate…”
Arpaio: Hey, Tim,
Cameron: “I’m still at work here, I can’t really talk, I’ve got a little bit more work to do, can I call you back in an hour?”
Arpaio: “I won’t be around anyway…the only thing I have…Tim is here, and he’s run it by, some situations that you know about…” “I was just confirming, you know, you’re all over the story, you are up on the speed and you…”

41:33 “Oh, absolutely, …yea, yea, yea, and as you know I’m waiting for Dennis and he’s sent me a couple of emails today, but I haven’t seen the final last batch of stuff, but tell him I’m looking forward to talking to him, as soon as I get these wrapped up with our guy.”

41:56 “So, you’ll call the Sheriff here at some point in time and discuss it with him?”
“Oh, sure. I just have … as I say, I can’t right now, Tim”
“No, I understand. Go back to work”
“Bye, bye.”

42:12 Arpaio: “Nobody on a big story, says he’s on something else. I’m going to tell you what is going to happen. This will never play.” “Matter of fact….I.. you’re wrong, Joe.” Arpaio: “OK, we’ll see. He takes his orders, too” “They squash it before... I did tell ‘em that…” Arpaio: “Takes orders, too. We have been through this sh!t. ”

42:28 “I’ve talked to Carl 30 times…”
“So what?”
“and most of the time he’s always...when he’s working and trying to get a story out, he says hey, I’ doing a story.”

42:37 “OK.”
Arpaio: “He’s still got …he’s got all this sh!it, he’s got to get it approved.”

42:42 “Let’s just say for a moment in time that he does come out with the story.”
Arpaio: “The only thing I’m going to say if he calls, ‘You came to see me, we looked at the birth certificate, we are looking into it’, that’s all I can say.”