Thursday, November 19, 2015

Listen Live: Editor Talks Arpaio Informant Tapes; 
Information Never Heard Before Set For Release

Editor of The Post & Email will be on Where's Obama's Birth Certificate show tonight to discuss the Arpaio audio recordings made public this week. Since being public no member of the major media has interviewed Zullo.

P&E's Sharon Rondeau reached out to Mike Zullo to ask what Sheriff Arpaio meant in one of the recordings where he's talking about being pissed off because of the government's involvement in the Obama birth certificate scandal.

Wednesday night Zullo told the P&E:

When Arpaio said "the government" was involved, he meant "the government of Hawaii." 
People need to slow down. You don't have every audiotape or videotape that was ever produced. You do not have the full story in context. The only people who are going to know what transpired as far as this certificate is concerned is going to be me and Montgomery. Nobody else can speak to this, and they shouldn't.

According to WOBC Rondeau will release information during the broadcast never heard before.

11/19/2015 @ 9:00 ET:



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