Friday, November 13, 2015

It Begins: Attorney Ann Coulter Says Ted Cruz 
Not Eligible; First Ballot Access Challenge Filed

The first 2016 candidacy challenges were filed against Canadian-born Ted Cruz and Independent Bernie Sanders.

Presidential candidate Andy Martin is challenging Sanders and Carmon Elliott is challenging Cruz.

Excerpt via Concord Monitor:

Sanders is being challenged on the basis of his longtime affiliation as an independent senator by little-known Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin. Cruz’s candidacy is being questioned by a Pennsylvania man named Carmon Elliott because the Texas senator was born in Canada. 
Both appeals will be heard Nov. 24 by the New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission, at which time Martin and Elliott must demonstrate their claims are legitimate. 
“Until someone tells me otherwise, we are going to at least take these two matters up,” said commission chairman and Concord attorney Brad Cook. 
While Cook said each challenge had “legitimate questions,” he added that it remains to be seen whether the two men can successfully represent their cases. Different things could hurt their cause, including the fact that Elliott is not a New Hampshire resident and that Martin is not a Democrat but is challenging a Democratic candidate. [...] Concord Monitor.

Republican presidential candidate Andy Martin should be challenging Cruz's Article II eligibility to be POTUS....


After coming in the lower-middle of the last three debate polls, Cruz finally made it to the No. 2 spot this week. By sheer coincidence, it was the first debate where he fully adopted Trump's position on immigration. 
Too bad Cruz isn't a natural-born citizen. [...] Ann Coulter.