Tuesday, November 17, 2015

- image: CNN circa 2011 -
Caller: Peter Tilden Show; Barack Obama Forged His 
Birth Certificate To Get Donald Trump Off His Case

Caller in Los Angeles explains Obama to Royal Oakes sitting in for KABC's Peter Tilden:
Obama's a Muslim sympathizer with the Muslim Brotherhood. He's allowed it to infiltrate the White House. You look into his background he's raised in the Islamic country of Indonesia. He's forged his birth certificate to get Donald Trump off his case. And no one will call this guy to the carpet about who he really is and what his true identity is.
( Audio via 790-KABC. Aired 11/13/2015 )

Oakes: Well, I think a lot of issues that people have been thinking about... are gonna.. it's gonna be an impact on them as a result of this enormous story over in France... (Islamists Paris attacks led by Syrians posing as refugees)