Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tag Team: Journos Caught Using Anti-Birther 
Script; Concerted Effort To Smear Donald Trump

Can someone please explain why three different journos are using the exact same line to attack Donald Trump!?

Three different articles written by three different journos with the exact same attack line.

The scripted attack line in question:

While the Trumpster usually tries to avoid answering questions about his birther obsession these days, he still seems fully open to the idea that the president is a secret foreigner-a Muslim, of course-and quite possibly a Trojan horse who is trying to detonate extremist Islam all over America.

Screenshots of the three articles in question:

First one penned by Salon journalist Janet Allon @ AlterNet, headline and excerpt;

- Source: AlterNet

Her bio: Janet Allon is a seasoned journalist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Village Voice, New York magazine, Street News and many other publications. Early in her career, she won awards for her reporting about the plight of the homeless mentally ill. She has written or ghostwritten books on teaching girls about their sexuality, and women who start their own small businesses. At AlterNet, she writes about sex, comedy and ridiculous right-wingers. She studied 20th-century American literature at Wesleyan University, and holds a Masters from Columbia University Journalism School. She has three kids.

Next up is Shelley Chandler's headline and excerpt:

- Source: Wireless Goodness -

And the third stooge is Alex Crown;

- Source: LidTime -