Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unknown: Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan; 
Obama’s pResidency Means Anyone Can Run For POTUS

The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan is under fire for writing something that is actually factual.

Excerpt via Salon:

Donald Trump, with his baseball caps and ugly combover, does do serious damage to Noonan’s long-standing fantasy reducing American politics to mannered Republicans vs. loutish Democrats. Resolving this cognitive dissonance requires finding some way to reclassify Trump as a Democrat, so she can retreat back into her world where all Republicans know which fork to use when and only Democrats say the F-word in mixed company. Getting there requires a leap of logic that is impressive even compared to Noonan’s addled history: “There are many reasons we’re at this moment, but the essential political one is this: Mr. Obama lowered the bar.” 
Don’t worry, Noonan has a cover story about why it’s not racist to sniff about how putting a black man in the White House is just ruining the neighborhood, something about how Obama “was a literal unknown, an obscure former state legislator who hadn’t completed his single term as U.S. senator”. Of course, Donald Trump was anything but a “literal unknown.” He’s been in the public eye for decades now, making headlines back when Obama was still just a college student. So no, they don’t have that in common. 
But that’s okay, Peggy. We all know that was just a feint to cover up your real argument, which is bemoaning that “Anyone can run for president now” that Obama has the White House. The text may be something something “state legislator” but the subtext is screamingly clear here. 
Isn’t that what this country is supposed to be, a place where any kid can, if they have moxie and intelligence, grow up to be President? The irony is that Trump himself is on the same page as Noonan, full of outrage that someone like Obama actually made it to the White House. Trump downplays it now, but one of the big reasons he started getting so politically aggressive was that he refuses to believe that Obama is eligible to hold office. Trump has been a long-time advocate of birtherism, a conspiracy theory that allows racists to sneer at the idea of a black president by hiding behind “questions” about Obama’s birth certificate. Trump is running not because anyone can run for President, but because he opposes that kind of democratic idealism with every fiber of his being.          [...] Salon.

So, according to Salon, Noonan is a wacist! Can't they come up with anything new!?

And no, technically not every kid can grow up to be President, according to ARTICLE II of the Constitution ....