Tuesday, October 20, 2015

One America News Interviews Obama 
Impeachment Author Stephen Pidgeon

Special show scheduled for Tuesday October 20, 2015. Critical Updates will be given.

JB Williams and Karen Bracken continue update on North American Law Center progress. Stephen Pidgeon interviewed by new fast growing One America News Network Monday night. Articles of impeachment flowing to congress from angry citizens with follow up as well as Sheriff Kits. We are working hard to promote Articles of Impeachment as a means to stopping the corruption, flat out treason that is emitting from this White House. From supporting ISIS who is engaged in genocide in Syria and other countries in the middle east to allowing release of criminal aliens who have and continue to exact harm on American citizens.

This president has operated outside the constitution and lied about virtually everything he said he would do as a candidate. As result of GOP cowardice in challenging this lawless administration, Speaker John Boehner has been sent to the dugout and will resign his position in congress as well. His second in line McCarthy was informed he wears the same suit as Boehner and will not be the next speaker. These establishment republicans have greased the skids Obama has been using to destroy this country and sad to say congress has been complicit.

Of the three branches of government, the Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, the Executive has grown to include millions of employees and hundreds of departments not envisioned by the founders. This must change to insure fair elections without a built in dependent voting class.

Further, the Judicial branch has now become an arm of the Executive and is using it's power and influence over those who would oppose this administrations misguided policies.

Impeachment in our view is the only remedy to stop this corruption that is clearly evident by our allies and enemy alike who have voiced their concerns to the American public. It is a shame our public servants seem devoid of and ear to their employers.

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