Friday, October 9, 2015

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NY Daily News: Hurdles To Presidential Eligibility; 
You Have To Be Born In The USA To Be President

According to Daily News the number of people who have filed with the FEC to run for POTUS is over 1,000.

Some of those candidates include fake names and various television/movie characters.

Excerpt via Keri BlakingerNY Daily News:

Jean-Luc Picard has also thrown his hat in the ring. Though the FEC asked him to revise the name of his campaign committee to comply with campaign finance regulations, if he does he’ll still face other hurdles to presidential eligibility. 
His filings indicate that the captain of the enterprise currently resides at 877 Enterprise St., Buchanan, Mich., but every good Trekkie knows that Picard was born in France, so he’s not actually eligible for the presidency.         [...] New York Daily News.

Blakinger also noted the age requirement in the Article II presidential eligibility clause of the U.S. Constitution.