Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Georgetown University: Investigative Politics; Cruz 
Could Face Birther Criticism If He Begins To Poll Better

The baby elephant in the room (Obama being the big elephant) ... Article II Constitutional Ineligibility...

Georgetown University's The Hoya:

We are in the midst of an election cycle, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about at least some of the candidates’ positions. Donald Trump is currently lighting up media ratings with his ideas on immigration. Besides building a wall, Trump has taken issue with the section of the 14th Amendment that establishes birthright citizenship. Hillary Clinton is an advocate of a new Pathway to Citizenship and has expressed interest in providing deportation relief. Bernie Sanders has promised to create a P2C, downscale border fence efforts, sign the DREAM Act and rework trade agreements like NAFTA and CAFTA. Jeb Bush, the ex-Florida governor, supports a more conservative and rigorous pathway, but only when coupled with expanded border security programs. 
Between all of these alternate views and proposals, we should see some exciting intra-party dialogue over the upcoming primary debates. Trump and Clinton have both criticized Bush, which has caused him to fire back with a more negative campaign. Sanders, as a son of an immigrant parent, feels strongly about the issue, as do Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Cruz, who was born in Calgary, Canada, could face “birther” criticism if he begins to poll better. Rubio is a first generation American whose parents emigrated from Cuba in the 1950s and a Senator in the heavily immigrant-populated Florida. [...] The Hoya.