Monday, October 12, 2015

Blackout: Black Pastors Defend Donald Trump 
Over Media Created Notion That Trump Is Racist

The first clip is an excerpt from Donald Trump's Q&A which was not in the version published here the other day.

Pastor Darrell Scott, among pastors from across America, passionately defends Trump from the race-baiting media;

( Video via PSB Satellite. ) 

According to RedState Watcher, CNN blacked out the first part of the Q&A;


Much of the media portray Trump as racist for his quest to get Obama to release his birth certificate and college records.

Guess they're not buying it.

In somewhat related news, Donald Trump was in New Hampshire today and took questions from both sides of the aisle.

Note: Trump's press Q&A is first five minutes, his remarks and questions from mixed audience starts at 23:00;