Saturday, September 19, 2015

Video: Donald Trump Responds To Media Outrage 
Over Obama Background; Advice For Donald Trump

Donald Trump responds to media demands he correct a voter's belief that Obama is Muslim and not an American.

Trump's responses via Twitter:


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Army veteran and Obama ineligibility writer Chris Farrell posted the following on another thread:

Trump should have responded to the man who crudely posed a question regarding Obama's past with the following words: 
"It is interesting that Obama publicized himself for some 16-or-so years as having been born in what is now called Kenya. I mean..., I have a publicist..., lots of people do. They are not private investigators. They don't research their clients. A person fills out biographical forms--standard forms--from which a publicist or literary agent gleans whatever material it is that they deem most beneficial for portraying their client in the best light. So if Obama was lying for 16 years--I don't know. I know that Obama and Hillary were CO-SPONSORS of Senate Resolution 511 that was necessary for John McCain to be considered eligible to run for the office of president. There was no question as to whether John McCain was a citizen of the United States of America, only as to whether or not he could legally be regarded as a constitutionally eligible natural born citizen. Funny how the wording of Article II in the Constitution distinguishes those two categories as decidedly differ ent: Citizen and Natural born citizen." 
Trump missed an opportunity--a softball thrown at him as it were--to shine the light ever so incrementally upon the issue that could take Jindal, Rubio, Cruz, Santorum, and Niki Haley immediately out of consideration for the office of President of the United States of America, and too pave the way for PRESIDENT TRUMP to issue an executive order for an investigation to be undertaken into the criminal usurpation of the office of president of the United States of America by a constitutionally ineligible fraud.