Saturday, September 19, 2015

Video: Trump Iowa Co-Chair; Trump Will Reveal 
What He Found In Hawaii When The Time Is Right

MSNBC's admitted socialist Lawrence O'donnell interviewed Donald Trump's Iowa campaign co-chair Tana Goertz.

Aside from some dodging it's surprisingly a pretty good interview. Unfortunately being MSNBC many didn't catch it.

Goertz said Trump will reveal what his investigators found out about Obama in Hawaii when the time is right.


Partial transcript via Crooks and Liars:

O'DONNELL: Did you ever get around to asking him what his detectives found in Hawaii since he promised to reveal that and to this day he's never revealed a word of what he says his detectives found in Hawaii. 
GOERTZ: He'll reveal it when the time is right. I have never.
O'DONNELL: The time's not right yet? 
GOERTZ: I have never a care in the world about it. 
O'DONNELL: When will the time be right to reveal, he said to Meredith Vieira that it was "absolutely unbelievable" what his detectives were finding in Hawaii four years ago. He's never told you about it? You've never asked him about it? It was unbelievable and you weren't curious about it? 
GOERTZ: Never was curious once, because he's not a liar. If they found something, it will come out. The time isn't right, and guess what? Mr. Trump does what he wants and he's not going to do it on our time. He's going to do it when the timing is perfectly strategic and it's not now and it wasn't the place for him to say it... 
O'DONNELL: Will there ever be a time to reveal what his detectives found about President Obama in Hawaii? 
GOERTZ: That's up to Mr. Trump. I don't make those calls. 
O'DONNELL: And just to clarify one other thing. Do you believe President Obama was born in the United States? Do you believe he was born in Hawaii? 
GOERTZ: I do not know. Once again, I don't care. I have not a concern in the world about President Obama. I honestly... when Mr. Trump said it, I went, you know what, stranger things have happened. 
O'DONNELL: Do you believe the birth certificate that's been produced is fake? 
GOERTZ: ...and when all the birth certificate stuff came out, why didn't he just produce the birth certificate? 
O'DONNELL: He did. Do you believe the birth certificate is fake? 
GOERTZ: I have not a clue. 
O'DONNELL: Have you ever looked at it? 
GOERTZ: No! I've never looked at it. Never looked at it. Once again, my interest is not on President Obama. My interest in on Donald Trump. Mr. Trump is a smart man. He's got all his facts and I thought... I actually appreciated that he was questioning that because there was a lot of Americans who were also thinking the same thing. Once again, he does what's not popular. [...] Crooks and Liars.

They also discussed a Trump supporters recent comment on Obama's religion and birthplace;