Saturday, September 19, 2015

- Fox News' Megyn Kelly -
Fake Outrage: Fox News' Megyn Kelly Rags On Birther 
Donald Trump; He Should Say Obama Was Born In USA

Fox News' Megyn Kelly spent quite a bit of her airtime last night ragging on Donald Trump for not denouncing or correcting the NH voter that said Obama was Muslim and is not an American. As if that's going to change anything.

The clip includes responses from Hillary Clinton to the White House to ineligible presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

You can see Kelly's hatred for Trump pour from her face during her marathon Trump bash;

( Video via Fox News. )

Kelly made no mention of her recent interview with Trump where he questioned the validity of Obama's birth certificate.

If you watched the above clip, you see why Kelly left it out of her segment last night on Trump.

Some other candidates weighed in including Canadian-born presidential candidate Ted Cruz;

Video @ CNN

Another thing. Notice no mention of the actual question about getting rid of Islamist training camps on U.S. soil?!



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