Friday, September 25, 2015

Epic Fail: Birther Issue Goes Primetime On Fox 
News; What About Early Birther Chris Matthews!?

Fox News' Megyn Kelly along with Townhall Editor Katie Palvaich attempted to find the origins of the birther issue last night on The Kelly File. They reported on the WAPO and AP "fact check" articles on claims Hillary started it all;

( Video via Fox News. )

Did you notice what was missing from the The Kelly File segment?!

MSNBC's Chris [Huge Democrat] Matthews reported in 2007 Obama was born in Indonesia and has Islamic background;

It is also interesting the newsers never report Michelle "Obama's Home Country of Kenya" Obama's remarkS;

And don't forget Obama's own remarks on/in Kenya;

Maybe folks should bombard Kelly and Palvaich those clips and the Matthews clip;

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