Sunday, September 13, 2015

Damage Control: CNN Poll Shows Misperceptions 
Persist About Barack Obama's Birth And Religion


Couldn't be because Obama listed himself as born in Kenya for 16 years?!

Couldn't be because Obama's Indonesian school record listed his religion as Islam?!

CNN reports:

Washington (CNN)A new CNN/ORC poll finds that although misperceptions about Barack Obama's religious beliefs and background persist, they are not as widespread as some recent polling has suggested. Obama was born in Hawaii and is a Christian. 
Overall, when asked "where was Obama born, as far as you know?" 80% of adults say they believe Obama was born in the United States, while 20% said that he was born outside the country. And just 9% of those who think he was born elsewhere believe there is solid evidence of that; the other 11% say it is just their suspicion. [...] CNN. Poll results(PDF).
Some 'yes' results;

CNN Tweet:

UK's Daily Mail headlines:

   [...] Daily Mail.

The latest CNN data on Obama's birthplace does not jive with polling data recently released by two separate orgs.