Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Released: NATO Study On Internet Trolls; Examiner 
Reminds Americans About Anti-Birther Obot Trolls

The NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence recently released preliminary results of a study they conducted on internet trolls. (preliminary results embedded below)

Not sure if the full results will contain anything about the anti-birther Obot trolls, but Examiner noted them.

Jim Kouri @ Examiner:

A study that had been commissioned by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) StratCom Centre of Excellence and conducted by scholars with Latvian Institute of International Affairs and Latvia's Riga Stradins University, takes a serious look at something most Internet users deal with on a daily basis: Internet trolls. The preliminary results were released on Friday and appeared in some news outlets. 
Many of the trolls prowling the Internet are part of a concerted effort to demonize the United States, according to the study. The researchers termed these operatives as being "Blame the USA Conspiracy Trolls." The researchers claim these trolls will post lengthy comments piecing fact and fiction together with the goal of blaming the United States. These trolls may be affiliated with radical groups, Islamic terrorists or a terrorist wannabe, or a member of the Democratic Party's left-wing. The perfect example is the posting of photographs showing blacks with their hands held in the air shouting, "Don't Shoot Me!" The fact that such a situation never happened in the Ferguson shooting of a unarmed black by a white police officer did little to stop the absurd Internet posts. 
Many Internet political activists are of the opinion that the best defense against Internet news and commentary websites -- especially those professing conservative (Tea Party) or libertarian views -- is the commenter who ridicules the writers or readers or both, or uses talking points provided by those in power or seeking power. For example, when the Internet was abuzz with stories about President Barack Obama's forged birth certificate, those seeking to thwart the progress of the stories simply ridiculed anyone who believed Obama was not born in the United States. 
They succeeded when the mainstream news media began to denounce those who questioned Obama's legitimacy to hold office and when conservative pundits and commentators -- wishing to display their sophistication and superiority as well as not alienating the Obama administration -- joined the "trolls who prowled the worldwide web like roaring lions seeking who they might devour," said Mike Baker, a political strategist.                              [...] Continued @ Examiner. Hat tip Mike Volin @ Where's Obama's Birth Certificate.

Here's the preliminary results via Facebook: