Sunday, August 23, 2015

Propagandist Ken Burns: America Is Still Racist; 
Birther Movement More Polite Way Of Using N-Word

PBS filmmaker [Democrat propagandist] Ken Burns on CBS's Sunday Show, Face the Nation:
We pretend with the election of Barack Obama, that we’re in some kind of post-racial society, and of course, you know, we’re not! The Onion magazine got it right when he was inaugurated. It said ‘Black man given worst job in world.’ And what we’ve seen is a kind of reaction to this – the birther movement, to which Donald Trump is one of the authors of, is another politer way of saying the N-word. It’s just more sophisticated, and a little bit more clever. He’s other. He’s different. What’s actually other and different about him? It turns out it’s same old thing, it’s the color of his skin.
( Video via Wake up World. Hat tip SA. )


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