Saturday, August 29, 2015

Probe: Trump's Birther Donor; 13 Historians Scour 
Trump Past; Bushes Hate Trump Over Birther Issue

It is gratifying watching both the left and right establishment flounder around trying stop Trump's momentum in the 2016 presidential race. They've thrown everything at him, including the kitchen sink. Thus far all efforts failed to stop Trump.

When all else fails, play the race card. It is really all they have left, along with targeting his grassroots supporters.

Obama-backed publication Politico targets:

They span a wide political spectrum, counting in their ranks a three-time Democratic candidate for governor in Mississippi and a retired New Jersey trader who donated to Pat Buchanan. Trump contributors also span a different sort of spectrum, from a health supplement guru who sells smoothies “designed to sustain life indefinitely” to an undertaker to a sheep farmer to the former head of an industrial waste management company. 
If there’s a common thread among them, it’s an appreciation for Trump’s blunt brand of independence and a near-apocalyptic concern for the state of the country. 
Trump’s bravado would translate well overseas, supporters say. 
“I believe he can stand up to Putin,” said Jackson, Mississippi, trial lawyer John Eaves, who sought his state’s Democratic nomination for governor in 1975, 1979 and 1987. 
Eaves, 80, voted twice for President Barack Obama — “I supported him wholeheartedly, I still like him,” he said — but “we have to have someone who can deal with Russia, China, Mexico. … More than anything we need somebody to stand up for America.” 
That’s true in the Middle East too, said Pohlreich, who uses the same kind of blunt talk Trump is famous for. He supports Trump’s take-all-the-oil approach to Iraq. 
“I agree with him 100 percent,” he said. “When you’re dealing with authoritarian dictatorships, you have to hold the line. There’s no respect for Obama.” 
(Pohlreich, for the record, is decidedly not an Obama supporter: “There was no way Obama got in the position he’s in without being able to create a birth certificate,” he says, when asked about Trump’s previous flirtation with so-called “birthers.”) 
The birther dalliance is just one example of Trump’s capacity for outrageousness that makes some supporters a little wary of being identified with him publicly. They suspect that Trump may attract some unsavory characters, and they don’t want to be lumped in with the likes of David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard who this week announced his support for Trump. [...] Politico.

Politico publication takes their race baiting to another level.

Professor Garry Wills compares Donald Trump to George Wallace in Politico Magazine:

It’s true that in his presidential run Wallace never brought up race. He did not need to. But he knew there were racists in the North as in the South, and he gave them a certain cover for the real things they were acting on. What people rarely mention with Trump is that, in the right-wing dismay at having a black president and attorney general, racists can huddle under the vaguer appeals of Trump. Ken Burns is one of the few who have publicly recognized that Trump is the voice of the new white supremacists. Burns rightly says that Trump’s long and continuing challenge to President Obama’s birth certificate was code language for “nigger.” Same with the attack on Hispanic immigrants. People who say Trump is appealing to people with legitimate grievances have fallen for his con. His real support comes from the vast pool of racists out there. [...] Politico.

I wonder if Politico sicced 13 historians on Obama to dig in his controversial background?

No need to answer that. Of course they didn't.

As you know it is not just the Establishment Democrats that hate Trump. Some on the Right hate him as much ,,,

Maureen Dowd notes at The New York Times:

When I went down to Houston a few years ago to eat pizza with the former president, he was his usual gracious self, speaking fondly about President Obama and his new pal Bill Clinton. 
But there was one person who got dismissed with a brusque obscenity: Donald Trump. 
It was at the height of Trump’s birther madness and Bush was disgusted by it. [...] New York Times.

That helps explain a lot...

Not to be outdone, faux-conservative George Will compares Trump to Wallace at Human Events:

This is hardly the first time we have heard the United States singing lyrics like those of Trump’s curdled populism. Alabama Democrat George Wallace four times ran for president with salvos against Washington’s “briefcase totin’ bureaucrats” who “can’t even park their bicycles straight.” What is new is Trump promising, in the name of strength, to put the United States into a defensive crouch against “cunning” Mexicans and others. 
Republicans are the party of growth, or they are superfluous. The other party relishes allocating scarcities — full employment for the administrative state. 
Trump assumes a zero-sum society, where one person’s job is another’s loss. Hence his rage against other nations’ “stealing” jobs — “our” jobs. 
In 2011, when Trump was a voluble “birther” — you remember: Obama supposedly was not born in the United States, hence he is an illegitimate president — an interviewer asked if he had people “searching in Hawaii” for facts. “Absolutely,” Trump said. “They can’t believe what they’re finding.” Trump reticence is rare, but he has never shared those findings. [...] Human Events.

One thing is for sure, he's wreaking havoc on both sides of the aisle.