Sunday, August 2, 2015

RA: Many Americans Believe Obama's Questionable
Birth Certificate Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Author and columnist, Michael Bresciani, takes on the elephant in the room; Obama's hidden background.

Excerpt via Renew America:

The press tried to get Trump to retract remarks he made to no avail. 
Undaunted the mainstream media next accused him of rape – the ex-wife said it wasn't so. 
Running low on ammo the MSM pulled out the old "birth certificate" controversy. 
My bias is obviously non-democrat for president, which uniquely qualifies me to write on the Donald's view that President Obama is not eligible to hold the office of POTUS because of a completely fake birth certificate. 
With Sheriff Arpaio holding off on his "universe shattering" information on the birth certificate due to legal hassles, we will all have to settle in for nothing at all being done on the "birther" front until Obama signs out of the oval office or someone finds a way to circumvent the legal fortress of concealment that shrouds his records and background info. 
I stand on the side of "I don't know" concerning the birth certificate but I join with those who believe that after so many lies being spawned by this administration that the odds that the Donald is right – are in his favor. 
Some still make jokes about the birthers, but often it becomes Obama that is the joke. 
Such was the case when in the recent Conservative Political Action Conference the speaker right after Trump was Rick Santorum. 
Santorum said, "The president's popularity is so bad around the world today, that I heard this report from a source that the Kenyan government is actually developing proof that Barack Obama was born in America." 
What is no joke, is that almost every school record and early childhood record concerning Barack Obama is still under lock and key and protected by executive orders, legal bamboozling and mountains of obfuscation.          [...] Renew America.

Bresciani goes on to ask why wouldn't we doubt the birth certificate when so many Obama records are kept secret ,,,