Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ABC News: Meet Most Interesting 2016 Candidates 
You've Never Heard Of; Birther Litigant Makes List

Obama ineligibility litigant and 2016 presidential candidate Chris Strunk made ABC News' list of candidates you've never heard of. Strunk was the person that first obtained Obama's purported mama's passport records under FOIA.

Excerpt via ABC News:

Christopher Earl Strunk: He was fined $177,000 by a New York State judge for what was deemed a "frivolous" lawsuit Strunk filed to have President Obama removed from the 2012 ballot. The “birther” filed the lawsuit based on the belief that Obama’s birthplace made him ineligible to be president. [...] ABC News.

Ann Dunham's passport records revealed one of Obama's several aliases. Notably, the name Soebarkah.