Friday, July 10, 2015

- The Passion of the Trump -
UnsavoryAgents: Famous Street Artist Sabo 
Floods LA With Donald Trump Street Art

Republican street artist Sabo is flooding L.A. with Donald Trump street art and it is sure to drive the left nuttier.

Some other examples via Sabo @ UnsavoryAgents;

Sabo's caption: Donald Trump never said he hated immigrants or the latin people. What he said was a porous boarder is a dangerous border. It's wrong how the media is putting ideas out there that are unfounded. It goes to show how in the pockets of the Democrats they are. There are methods set up for people to enter this country, sneaking across the border is not the way. Thinking this is somehow alright misses the fact that very dangerous people use this method because there is no way in hell any good country should ever allow them in.

Get your Sabo bumper sticker;

Also some mailers: