Friday, July 17, 2015

Trump Donor: Muslim Obama Hussein Probably Born In 
Kenya; Donald Trump Now Leads Latest Fox News Poll

Not really sure why the lefty media is concerned about Donald Trump donors being The Donald declared he didn't need political campaign contributions for his 2016 run. Probably more an intimidation tactic, than anything else.

Excerpt via Olivia NuzziThe Daily Beast:

Next was Mike McNerney, 73, California, funeral service provider. 
“He’s the greatest thing running,” McNerney said when I asked about his $500 donation to Trump, which he called “just a show of support.” 
“I think he’s gonna win,” he told me. “I think he has a pretty good chance. I mean, people are outraged at the way Obama Hussein has run this country.” 
McNerney said he likes Trump “because he’s nonpolitical. He tells it like it is. He’s truthful, and he has more experience than being a short-term senator before he became president.” What kind of experience does Trump have, I asked. “At life and management, and I’m sure he has more foreign experience, which Obama Hussein has ruined.” 
McNerney agrees with Trump on immigration “absolutely, 1,000 percent,” and believes those expressing disapproval of his statements are “manipulating the press for the benefit of opposition against any sensible immigration policy that comes along.” 
I asked McNerney, who repeatedly referred to the president as “Obama Hussein,” if he thought Obama was Muslim. He said, “I know he is.” I asked if he thought Obama was born in America. He replied, “No, I don’t. Probably Africa.” Where in Africa, I wondered. “Wherever his father and his white mother were living.” Kenya? “You got it,” he said. [...] The Daily Beast.

Maybe Nuzzi could interview some of Mr. McNerney's clients (future democratic voters/donors) ???

Bret Baier reported last night Trump's now leading the 2016 GOP pack in the latest Fox News poll.

The establishment still frothing at the mouth ,,,
( Video via Fox News )