Saturday, July 25, 2015

Snow Show: Federal Judge Ordered U.S. Marshals To Seize 
50 Hard Drives Unrelated To Arpaio Racial Profiling Case

Late yesterday Judge Murray Snow ordered the U.S. Marshals to seize 50 computer hard drives, documents and other property given to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office by CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery. Video below...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's chief deputy told Fox 10 Phoenix:

MCSO Chief Deputy Jerry Sheridan denied any wrongdoing. 
"We have never been requested to turn those over until today when the court ordered us to," said Jerry Sheridan. 
Arpaio's attorneys say the items taken have to do with allegations that the Sheriff hired a private agent to investigate Judge Snow. 
"The items I told you, they had to do with the Montgomery investigation, and that's it," said Joseph Popolizo, Arpaio's attorney. [...] Fox 10 Phoenix.

As reported here earlier this week via The Post & Email:

Motions to intervene in Melendres filed by Atty. Larry Klayman on behalf of Montgomery have been denied by Snow. 
Klayman represents Montgomery in a very recent lawsuit against five ACLU attorneys who represent the Melendres plaintiffs for allegedly defaming Montgomery and failing to disclose to Snow that Montgomery brought the same information to the ACLU as he now has to Arpaio. 
No response to the lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the ACLU, nor has Snow issued any decision as to whether or not the five attorneys should remove themselves from the Melendres case as requested by Klayman.  Snow refused to recuse himself after learning that comments his wife reportedly made denigrating Arpaio were conveyed to Arpaio and their veracity investigated and confirmed by a private investigator hired by one of Arpaio’s attorneys. 
According to the citizen report, Snow’s wife stated that her husband “hated Arpaio” and wished to see him lose his next election.  Snow insists that he is not biased against Arpaio.  At the time, KPNX reported erroneously that “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s second-in-command gave testimony Friday that filled in the blanks on the sheriff’s bombshell testimony the day before that he investigated the judge presiding at his contempt hearing.” 
Other media mischaracterized the probe as an investigation into Snow’s wife. [...] The Post & Email.

Yahoo News reported the materials were seized by marshals last night:

Arpaio, the longtime Maricopa County sheriff, did not attend the last-minute afternoon hearing held in U.S. District Court in Phoenix. 
Sheriff’s office spokesman Officer Chris Hegstrom said in a statement that it would be inappropriate to comment at this time, but added that the “truth will come out during the hearing process.” 
U.S. Marshal David Gonzales told Reuters that the information ordered by the court had been seized by early on Friday night. [...] Yahoo News.

Federal agents also seized over 1,400 identification cards confiscated during law enforcement actions.

Maybe they will find Obama's real identification!?

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