Saturday, July 11, 2015

Silenced: Dems Gunning For Birther Rep. 
Mike Coffman; Who Told Him To Not Talk!? 

U.S. Representative for Colorado's 6th congressional district, Mike Coffman, is up for reelection and the Democrats are gunning for his seat. He should repent and tell us all he knows about the Congressional Blockade.

Excerpt via Aurora Sentinal:

If that doesn’t sound familiar, you’re probably in the wrong space. It was just last year that Andrew Romanoff, the former state House speaker, ran against Coffman, as, yes, the Dems’ maybe last and certainly best chance to win the seat. 
You may remember what happened. Coffman won by a staggering nine points in a tossup district in what was considered a tossup race at which the national parties tossed all the money they could find. 
The race was seen as a marker for 2016, a predictor of the Democratic-Republican balance in a bellwether state. In fact, if Cory Gardner hadn’t been beating Mark Udall at the same time, more people might have noticed just how disastrous the Romanoff loss was for Democrats, not to mention for Romanoff. 
So, you’re asking, why should Carroll think she can do any better? It’s not like she’s running against Cynthia Coffman, after all. Mike is not the Coffman who runs around attempting amateurish party coups, being accused of blackmail by the state party chair and getting rebuked by the GOP executive committee on a 22-1 vote. 
No, he’s the Coffman who once went all birther on Barack Obama, who used to support personhood, who used to co-sponsor bills on anchor babies, who could, on his good/bad days, nearly out-Tancredo Tancredo himself and yet who somehow wins every race he enters, and usually by a lot. [...] Aurora Sentinal.

The writer failed to mention Rep. Coffman backtracked was pressured to shut his mouth about Obama's background.

Watch NBC News affiliate reporter Kyle Clark confront Rep. Mike Coffman on camera and note how nervous he looks and his repeated canned response. The reporter even asked him who told him to not talk;

( Video via 9-News )