Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Salem Radio Network: Largest Gun-Law Publisher; 
Obama Not Eligible; GOP Candidates Not Eligible

Alan Korwin is the owner/operator of GunLaws.com and Bloomfield Press. Korwin is the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the United States. Yesterday he appeared on the fast-growing show Armed American Radio broadcast nationally on Salem Radio Network and unloaded the Article II Presidential Eligibility issue.

Listen to Korwin change targets while discussing the Obama-supported Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

( Excerpt via Armed American Radio. - full hour > mp3 - )

Alan Korwin excerpt:

The person currently occupying the White House doesn't belong there.... ...I've been looking into that. .... The NBC issue. The natural born Citizen issue. Have you looked at that at all? It is all over the place! ... The Constitution has a requirement on the office of President. ...The founders put it there so that you couldn't have somebody with a divided loyalty to be commander-in-chief. They wanted somebody with two U.S. citizen parents and born in the country....

Before cutting to the scheduled commercial break host Mark Walters candidly said:

... You've opened up a can of worms with that topic... I can tell you that much...

After commercial break they delve back into the Article II topic, including a brief history lesson on racist Democrats.

One historically correct comment by Korwin will likely draw criticism from the race-baiting far left radicals:

... the front of your gun is supposed to defend you against this kind of tyrannical usurpation of power ...

Outrage in 3, 2, ?