Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Information And Update 
On Obama's Impeachment
Citizens for the Constitution;
15 July 2015

On Monday evening, 13 July 2015, theConstitutional Accountability Coalition of Tennessee ( held #3 of their weekly conference calls concerning the calls to each and every one of our 435 U.S. Representatives to file the legally crafted ‘Articles of Impeachment’ against Barack Hussein Obama. Only one of the 435 is needed to legally require the House Judiciary Committee to begin the discovery process of determining just who is Barack Obama, where he came from, what is his real citizenship, who his parents are, and who or what is behind this so-far successful effort to alter our once sovereign and independent Constitutional Republic into a seething cauldron of lies and corruption.

During this call, Attorney Stephen Pidgeon of the North American Law Center, presented an eye-opening and frightening scenario of what has transpired since the installation of the usurper, Barack Obama, in the highly sensitive Office of POTUS.  Here we learned that Saudi Arabia is the number one sponsor of this treasonous usurpation, and that General Electric, the largest controller of the U.S. Media, has paid no taxes since the installation of Obama in the Office of POTUS … and much, much more.

You can hear this 15 minute presentation here (  before going online and tuning in tonight when J. B. Williams and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon bring us updates on the Articles of Impeachment against Obama.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 from 9pm to 11pm Eastern (6 pm to 8 pm Pacific).  Call in #347 989 8853. 
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Michael Volin

Your Country and your fellow citizens are counting on you to be there now! when it counts. Waiting for the 2016 ‘elections’ is not an option – as you will hear and see.

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner
Citizens for the Constitution