Monday, July 27, 2015

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Obama On Kenyan Radio Show: Donald Trump 
Didn't Force Me To Release My Birth Certificate

If you had any doubts that Obama is a pathological liar have a look at this whopper;

Excerpt via Breitbart News:

President Obama said he’s of his Kenyan heritage during his trip to that country, pointedly described himself as “the first Kenyan-American to be president” of the United States during a speech. 
During an interview with Kenyan radio, the host asked Obama if he was worried about the reaction to his statement after he was “forced” to release his birth certificate. 
“I wasn’t actually forced,” Obama interrupted. “I just wanted to end silly conversations – there weren’t any serious speculation, this was just sort of a side circus that sometimes happens in the United States. [...] Breitbart.

Any person that follows this issue know it was Donald Trump's continuous questions about Obama's background and Dr. Jerome Corsi's then soon-to-be released book that forced Obama to produce a forgery!