Friday, July 24, 2015

New York Times: How Kenya Fits Into Obama’s Identity 
Remains One Of The Enduring Questions Of His Presidency

The New York Times (NYT) might as well change their name to New Obama Times (NOT) ,,,

Excerpt via The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The first time Barack Obama visited Kenya, the land of his father, he was hoping to fill “a great emptiness” he felt inside, to figure out who he was and where he fit in the world. 
He was met at the airport by a half sister and an aunt. “Welcome home,” the aunt told him. The three squeezed into an old Volkswagen Beetle, whose muffler fell off during the drive into Nairobi. As the aunt got out to go to work, she admonished Mr. Obama not to “get lost again.” 
Twenty-eight years later, he leaves on Thursday to return to Kenya as the president of the United States with an entourage of hundreds and a long motorcade that includes an armored car with a working muffler. Any question of where he fits in the world has long since been answered. But how Kenya fits into his own identity remains one of the enduring questions of his presidency. 
Through more than six years in office for Mr. Obama, Kenya has been a complicated part of his political persona. Known for a youthful memoir exploring his Kenyan roots, Mr. Obama has been celebrated as a son of Africa who reached the pinnacle of power. But he also found himself besieged by a conspiracy theory that he had actually been born in Kenya and was therefore ineligible to be president — a theory he felt compelled to dispel by marching into the White House briefing room in 2011 with his birth certificate from Hawaii
Mr. Obama considered the “birther” movement, now largely defunct, a distraction and a cynical ploy by opponents like Donald J. Trump, but he stayed away from Kenya until now, unwilling to provoke the obvious political circus that would have ensued. During his first term, he spent about 24 hours in sub-Saharan Africa, and on the other side of the continent from his father’s home. Some critics said that the first president with African roots was doing less for the continent than the white president he succeeded. [...] New York Times.

With his birth certificate? The one that to this day a law enforcement agency declares a 100% forgery!?

Guess who's coming to dinner?

New York Times further reports:

As president, there were plenty of diplomatic reasons not to go to Kenya at first, not least the indictment against the country’s president. But there were other reasons, too. 
“If you’re asking me, ‘Was there a political discussion as to whether it would be disadvantageous to show up in Kenya when Donald Trump was questioning his citizenship,’ I don’t recall ever having that discussion,” Mr. Axelrod said. “But maybe no one needed to have that discussion.” 
With that concern now behind him, Mr. Obama will depart Washington on Thursday night. But he acknowledged last week that it would not be the same as when he first visited as a young man with questions. Given security and logistical concerns, Mr. Obama will not be able to visit his father’s village. Instead, his relatives, including Mama Sarah, will be brought to him in Nairobi. [...] NYT.

Mama Sarah!? The one that reportedly said she was there when Obama was born in in Kenya;