Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NBC News: Trump Resurrects Birther Issue; 
It's Fine If You Believe Obama Foreign-Born

Donald Trump sat down with Obama's NBC News' Katy Tur and was asked why people should believe his numbers on illegal immigration when he led the birther movement and sent investigators out to Hawaii to investigate whether Obama was not born here. Watch Tur press Trump over the issue pleading that Obama released his birth certificate.

Trump fired back:

According to you it's not true. If you believe that, that's fine. ... A lot of people don't agree with you on that...

( Video via NBC News )

Trump handles this reporter like a champ. Although, if he went full birther on Obama's records and nullifying Obama's actions he'd shoot up even further in the polls. He approved of Wayne Allyn Root's blockbuster assessment:

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MSNBC makes it out that Trump resurrected the issue when Kieth Olbermann's former girlfriend asked the question.

Excerpt via MSNBC:


Trump also resurrected claims that the president is foreign-born, saying “fine, if you believe that” when asked about the president’s released, long-form birth certificate, before diverting back to talking points. 
Trump’s return to ‘birtherism’ – and of course his repeated condemnation of undocumented immigrants – signals that the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate isn’t likely to shy from the bombastic style that’s helped him dominate headlines in recent weeks and fueled his rising poll numbers. [...] MSNBC.

I encourage you to watch the full unedited interview and see how Trump handles this reporter political activist.


MSNBC's Chris Matthews now can rest easy being he reported Obama was born in Indonesia...