Friday, July 10, 2015

Must See TV: Donald Trump Demolishes NBC Reporter; 
Obama's Press Secretary Immediately Attacks Trump

7/11/2015Watch Full Video: Donald Trump And Sheriff Arpaio Phoenix AZ Event On Illegal Immigration

Donald Trump is kicking the media's teeth down their throat and I must say it is quite refreshing to watch.

If you haven't watched the complete NBC/Trump interview, I cut down the most explosive parts;

( Video via NBC News )

NBC News' Katy Tur is likely still trying to clean out her undies after that humiliating performance. She was so ruffled at the end she let it slip out that she and her media brethren are not the unbiased watchdogs they're supposed to be;

( Video via NBC News )

No worries, Katy! Barry Obama and his fellow comrades have your back! Forward!

Yesterday, Obama's mouthpiece attacked Trump and called on GOP to condemn Trump even though they already are;


Obama's also been doing some community organizing at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA);

If anything, Trump is driving both sides of the establishment completely bonkers;

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They've yet to contain Trump... How far will Obama and his fellow travelers go to shut him up;