Thursday, July 9, 2015

Christopher Strunk And Bill Van Allen With 
Updates On Obama Eligibility Challenge

Obama eligibility challenger and Patriot Christopher Earl Strunk will discuss the latest developments on his eligibility challenge against Obama. Chris has new information. Mr. Strunk has been persistent and methodical in his pursuit to prove Obama is ineligible to hold the Office of President. Chris will discuss details.

Bill Van Allen (Harold William Van Allen) will also appear. Bill is the 2015 – Natural Born Citizen Party National Committee Co-Chairperson with Faye Rabenda. Mr Van Allen is also part of the 2015 - National Notary Public Project – sworn public officers vetting documentation of the candidate-electors-Natural Born Citizen.

Bill Van Allen (Harold William Van Allen)
Recently -- Natural Born Citizen Party National Committee Project
1992 Perot volunteer along with Faye (Fairlene) Rabenda
1993 UWSA (Perot) volunteer CD-NY officer
1994 Pro se non-attorney co-litigant voter roll database access  --
1994 – current first of many NY State and federal lawsuits (led by Bob Schulz and then Chris Strunk)
1994 NYS governor campaign (Bob Schulz) eventually Libertarian Party NYS
1995 Independence Party NY (Golisano) county chairperson
2000 – 2008 Non-affiliated Voter Project/Party – equal access to own primary
2008 – Current Natural Born Citizen litigation

Both guest are working hard battling are corrupt Court system

Open telephone lines, all callers welcome.

Show Broadcast Live Tonight (7/9) At 8:00 PM ET

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