Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chicago Tribune: Obama Frees His Inner Kenyan; 
Clarence Page Attacks Birthers And Donald Trump

Clarence Page is a prime example of why the vast majority of Americans do not trust the news media.

Excerpt via Chicago Tribune:

It must make the birthers' heads explode to hear President Barack Obama ridicule the ridiculous charge that he is a secret Kenyan. That's only one good reason for him to do it. 
"Birthers" are people who just can't — or refuse to — get it through their narrow minds that Obama was born as he and documentation says he was, a legal United States citizen. Yes, I'm thinking of you, Donald Trump.        [...] Chicago Tribune.

My head is still here... And I don't believe it was a big secret until 2008'ish. Revoke Page's Pulitzer!

Clarence is well aware the real issue is if Obama's a "natural born Citizen" as required under Article II;