Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Burn: Obama's Reported Home Country Of Kenya 
Warning Obama Not To Bring "Gay Agenda" On Trip

Kenyan lawmakers are warning Obama not to bring up the homosexual agenda during his trip to Kenya this month.

Breitbart News reports:

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The Kenyan leader may have to amend his statement being the Obamas claimed Kenya was his home country.

If he has to go home, Obama technically would have to stay in Kenya, again, according to the Obamas... ;-)

Should make for an awkward trip. Obama's purported paternal grandmother whom claimed Obama passed through her arms at his birth in Kenya announced she would be cooking Obama a traditional Kenyan meal. No word from Barry.

U.K.'s Daily Mail reports:

             [...] Daily Mail.

I wonder if Obama's brother will be in attendance? You know, the one that stated Obama is dishonest and raised serious doubts about Obama's true paternity going so far as to say he'd provide his DNA to help settle it !?

I seriously doubt Obama will be seeing any of his purported kin, but, I guarantee he'll be community organizing!