Sunday, July 5, 2015

Audio: Sheriff Arpaio; I'm Pretty Well Convinced Obama 
Birth Certificate Fake; I Know A Fraudulent Document

Here's more audio from Sheriff Arpaio's interview scheduled to air tonight at 7 PM ET - 9 PM ET on AM 970.

( Audio via AM 970 @ WND )

Drudge Report headline: Sheriff Joe launches into Obama's birth certificate -- again...

Excerpt via WND:

In a radio interview broadcast Sunday, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio affirmed he is “pretty well convinced” President Obama’s birth certificate, as released by the White House in 2011, is a “fraudulent, fake document.” 
“I’ve been in law enforcement 55 years,” stated Arpaio. “I think I know a fraudulent, fake document. I’m not a computer expert. I rely on my people. But I’m pretty well convinced it’s a fake document.” [...] WND.

Mark Gillar comments: Old Birther, thanks for the comment. Yes, we are still very much in the fight. The investigation continues! Approximately 39 hours ago, Mike Zullo and I were on a teleconference regarding this matter. Patience traditionally hasn't been one of my strengths, but I am learning its value.