Thursday, July 9, 2015

Anti-Birther: Senator Jeff Flake Calls On Maricopa GOP To 
Pull Out Of Donald Trump Event; Last Unapologetic Birther!?

Senator Jeff Flake once again shows he's part of the problem. He keeps it up and he'll get another oval office trip...

Mediaite reports:

Flake told The Washington Post he is calling on the Republican Party of Maricopa County to pull out of their sponsorship of a Trump campaign event on Saturday that will be attended by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. 
Flake said Trump’s remarks were “ill-informed” and “not accurate,” and doesn’t believe Trump’s views are “reflective” of the GOP. 
But beyond even that, Flake wanted to remind everyone that Trump “is just about the last unapologetic birther in the country.” [...] Mediaite.

This fury of attacks from the establishment against Trump stem from Trump's calls on Obama to release his records.


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