Thursday, July 2, 2015

Annenberg's Factcheck: Was Hillary Clinton The Original 
Obama Birther; Meet Their Purported Document Experts

Annenberg Foundation's was forced to publish another disinfo piece after 2016 presidential candidates Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz claimed Hillary Clinton started the Obama birther movement.

For those unfamiliar with Annenberg's, both Barack Obama and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers were employed by the Annenberg Foundation. On top of that never addressed the discrepancy in their "reporting" on Obama's short-form birth certificate. Both Obama and claimed the short-form was requested and issued in 2008 yet the date stamp on the purported short-form birth certificate is dated 2007.

Note: Not all birthers claim Obama was born in Kenya as Obama himself claimed for sixteen years.

Excerpt via

Neither Cruz nor Trump presented any evidence that Clinton or anyone on her campaign ever questioned Obama’s birthplace, demanded to see his birth certificate, or otherwise suggested that Obama was not a “natural born citizen” eligible to serve as president. 
For those unfamiliar with the controversy over Obama’s birthplace, it refers to those who contend that Obama was born in Kenya and ineligible to be president. 
At, we have written about the issue of Obama’s birthplace on multiple occasions — indeed we were the first media organization to hold his birth certificate in our hot little hands and vouch for the authenticity of it. But facts have done little to squelch the conspiracy theories that continue to bounce around online.                 [...]

The two employees who were granted access to Obama’s bogus Certification of Live Birth (COLB) are NOT document examiners or experts. Joe Miller has a Ph. D. in Political Philosophy — so he’s a political operative — while Jess Henig has an M.A. in English Literature — I’m not sure her dye-job is a political or esthetic statement.They are a couple of partisan Obots — just what you’d expect — Jess took the photos presented on their webpage and did all of the writing, while Bob basically held the COLB open for Jess to photograph — suitable work for a Ph. D.

Those two are completely unqualified to perform any kind of forensic examination of any document, and knows it — and so do Henig and Miller. [...] Right Side of Life.