Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amnesia: NBC Panel On Birther Issue; Plan To 
Bring Down The President; Secretly Born In Kenya!?

Not sure how NBC's Chris Matthews can say some of the stuff he says with a straight face. This is the same political hack that reported on live television in 2007 that Obama was born in Indonesia and had an Islamic background.

( Video via MSNBC. )

Excerpt via Mediaite:

“He bragged about forcing the president, like they stopped him in a car, let’s see your license. The miniaturization of his persona was part of the Republican plan. Everybody loved it when it was working for the party. Now you see the clown act writ large and he’s going after your own people. We shouldn’t have Donald Trump in our midst. Well, you got him.” [...] Mediaite.

Note to Tingles: Obama was a birther before you were, for sixteen years he listed himself as born in Kenya...